41 de selectii la festivaluri internationale de film pentru Billion Star Hotel

Zilele trecute, Billion Star Hotel a inregistrat cea de-a 41-a selectie la festivaluri internationale de film. Este vorba despre IndieHype, un festival ce se desfasoara in Sydney, Australia. Gasiti mai multe detalii legate de festival in randurile ce urmeaza.


what’s the HYPE?

INDIE HYPE is a new and inspired international film festival breaking ground in Sydney, the heart of filmmaking in Australia.

Not only are we screening films from all over the globe, we’ll also be taking-off to Berlin, Germany late 2016 on tour with a special selection of films featured during the Sydney festival leg, including some of the AWARD WINNERS and some of the Aussie AUDIENCE FAVOURITES. Why? Because sharing is caring.

An Indie Film Experience.

INDIE hype, discovers and honours the achievements of filmmakers who produce exceptional independent feature and short films. Attracting both experienced industry leaders and talented new filmmakers; INDIE hype is an incomparable, genuinely international awards competition and festival.

With over 8 years of film festival and cinema exhibition experience, theINDIE hype organizers have developed a new platform festival incorporating the evolving technology of digital formats and digital cinema while maintaining an outlook for the preservation of story-telling on traditional film gauges. Furthermore we are looking to the future! We’ll soon be utilizing the cyber-world of connectivity we all share, for online networking and video-on-demand. We’d like to enhance your cinematic experience whether you’re enjoying the red carpet, sitting on the edge of your cinema seat or couch at home, or out-and-about promoting your INDIE hype film.