Billion Star Hotel merge la Marea Neagra – Burgas International Film Fest – Bulgaria

Salutari, iata ce invitatie deosebita am primit zilele trecute din Bulgaria 😀 Vara asta mergem la Marea Neagra!

“Hi, we would like to invite your film “Billion Star Hotel” directed by Alecs Năstoiu on the pilot edition of the Burgas International film festival which is going to be held in summer 2016 in Burgas, Bulgaria – a place of cultural and touristic meaning for Europe and the Black Sea region.

The Project is concentrated on developing a platform for a film festival of the Black Sea region. The main idea of the festival is to meet the public with pieces of contemporary art and to show the rich resource of the regional art which contribute to the change of perception.

We are looking to hear from you soon and hoping to see “Billion Star Hotel” on Burgas International Film Fest – Bulgaria.”