Short to the Point @ Digital Transilvania

Why Digital Transilvania?

Digital Transilvania is an international festival of digital culture. We are living in a world where everything around us has it’s digital correspondent. We watch our digital TV, we drive our digital cars, we speak on our digital mobile phones, we wake up after we hear a digital alarm, we don’t go to sleep before chating with our friends on the internet, and that’s not all. We are sorrounded by digital. This is the reason why Digital Transilvania came as a festival. This is the way we can celebrate the digital culture.


Targu Mures, the hosting city

Targu Mures is the hosting city of the event. In 2011, Targu Mures lounched a project that will be implemented in the near future. The strategy, based on the vision of the municipality made public in 2009 within Global Forum, foresees the transformation of Tirgu Mures city in a completely digitized one, based on two components: the first one refers to a modern infrastructure of public-private services and the second one to the construction and development of a technological park specialized in research and medical information. The latter, being called “The Science City for Research and Medical Informatics”, will host multinational companies in the field of technology and health, which will conduct medical research activities. We consider that Targu Mures is the perfect location for developing this festival.


Categories of the festival

For the first edition of the festival we considered a number of activities.

  • Conferences (IT , Online Marketing, Medicine, Fashion , Photo , Video , Audio , Business , Design , etc. )
  • Film Projections
  • Experimental film screenings
  • Digital Museum
  • Innovation, digital systems and experimental systems
  • Workshops
  • Street art (digital themes)
  • Video mapping shows (made on walls or objects)
  • Workshops for kids
  • Digital Art Expo
  • Experimental music
  • Music party (dj+vj)


Locations of the festival

The activities will take place in different locations from the center of the city of Targu Mures:

  • Cinema theater – for film projections
  • Unconventional space in the National Theater from Targu Mures – for inovation and digital art expo
  • Pedestrian square for experimental music and video mapping
  • Old military unit for the Dj+Vj parties
  • Conference hall
  • Outdoor or indoor locations for workshops