SHORT TO THE POINT is delighted to invite you Saturday on the 21st of August, at Fabrica Club, starting at 5 o’clock at VARIOUS ARTISTS COLLECTION #01 , an urban art exhibition intended for young artists.

Sabina Tupan- painting, Octav Ungureanu (smokingcoolcat)- comics si Roxana Enache- photography, are looking forward of hearing your criticism, positive and negative.

The entry is free.


And now some info about the 3 artists:


Studying Print and digital media in UK and being in her second year of study, Sabina is mixing numerous techniques in her work, among them are painting, mix media, digital manipulation, collage and photography. Inspired by urban environment or using narrative themes (the art of story telling), Sabina’s work generates incredible journeys in fantasy worlds.


“Smoking Cool Cat” means comics inspired by everyday life, from jokes between friends, to travelling by metro or the people on the street.

At VARIOUS ARTISTS COLLECTION #01 you will be able to check out the first comics magazine for local artists.


Roxana is an artist who’s creations concentrate in works that employ, mainly, in visual environment: photography, painting, graphics, design. Presently she is in Bucharest studying Interior Design at University of Architecture and Urbanism “Ion Mincu”.

Passionate about visual arts, she starts taking amateur pictures in 2005. Photography becoming more than a passion, also grew to be the method of communication regarding self and surroundings, this explaining the profound contemplative nature of the “character” captured in that fraction of a second which highlights the static emotion.

For Roxana Enache, photography becomes language, detaches for its physical existence and it changes to self referent, perceived by the viewer as an emotion. Her compositions are balanced, harmonious and underline concept and strong message. Roxana works especially with black and white photography and monochrome.